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Bible Stories and Hits for Kids - 103 Daniel part 1

vorschaubild Bible Stories and Hits for Kids - 103 Daniel part 1

Babylonian’s king Nebuchadnezzar attacked Jerusalem with his army and the Lord gave him victory over Jehojakim. When he returned to Babylon he took sacred cubs from the Temple of God and placed them in the treasure of his god in the land of Shinar. The Jewish people were taken into captivity in Babylon. Some of the Jewish jouth who came from royal families who were taken to Babylon were chosen to be educated in the Chalean language and literature. Their names were Daniel, Hananiah, Misha-el, and Azariah. They became Babylonean names - you will hear in the program. They did not want to eat impure food - and the GOD helped them and made them wise. GOD gave them favour even in a foreign Land. See more in the program. Filmed in Jerusalem - Zoo (duration of the video: 19 minutes).

Gertraud L. Mayer

Länge der Folge auf DVD, soweit oben nicht anders angegeben: 30 min



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103 Bible story: Daniel part 1
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